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Transformation Category

This category is based on the competitors’ physical transformation. The timeframe can cover weeks, months or even years. All we ask is that you were at least 18 years old at the start of your transformation.


It is important that you know that the judges will be looking at who has, in their opinion achieved the most impressive healthy, natural looking body transformation to date. This does NOT mean the person in the best shape, or the person who has lost the most weight or the person who is the leanest on stage, but it will be judged based on the judging panels opinion on who has achieved the most impressive transformation.  


Stage Attire

  • Women-Sportswear i.e., Crop/Vest top and shorts with trainers A one piece bikini with heels. A two-piece bikini with heels

Stage Posing/Presentation/Comparisons

We recognise that the transformation round is more about the achievements off the stage and so we are accommodating this.

  • Competitors will be asked to come onto the stage one at a time to present themselves to the audience and judges.

  • There is NO NEED to do a T-Walk as in other categories.

  • Posing and presentation is what suits each competitor individually

  • Whilst the competitors will be called forward in a line up to do quarter turns, they are free to perform quarter turns as they wish, no mandatory poses. The judges are judging on the transformation of each athlete and NOT stage presentation and posing.



  • Once you have registered for this category. You will be asked to send us your ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures 2 weeks before show day. The judges will assess both pictures and will make their final decisions after the competitors have all been on stage.

  • IMPORTANT-Failure to provide us your pictures by the given deadline will deem your entry VOID and there will be no refunds or transfer to another category permitted.


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